Marketing Services

Social Media

Clients are very interested in social media platforms. We offer a variety of Social Media Management packages. Our monthly packages start at R700 per month. On your behalf, we produce, design, and post content. We provide appointment scheduling using social media channels.Facebook, Instagram etc

Local Marketing

Local marketing for your company will make your brand known in your local town. We create and design the necessary marketing materials for your local marketing. Our designing fee starts at R150 per design. We have allot of service providers at discounted prices that will assist you in your printing.

Online Marketing

We offer SEO assistance, Google my business and Google Adds assistance. We assist in growing your audience to your required online shop or website and we distribute your company advertisements across 2000 plus groups in South Africa. Online marketing starting at R1000 pm with a once of registration.

Marketing Retainers

We have different marketing retainer packages. Our marketing packages is affordable depending on your company budget. These packages allows us to do all the required marketing for your business. Local Marketing, Social Media Management, Websites, Business Box, Branding and etc.

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