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Start up Business services 

Starting a company is not just opening an office, getting staff and selling your service or products. You need to have a proper business plan and marketing plan in place. You need to have a mission, vision and set goals on a monthly and yearly base. Ensure that you always achieve your goals before you set new goals. Let us help you to get all set up.

Logo Creation

To create a logo we will need to understand the company and the service or product it sells. A logo speaks a million words. It must describe your company by just looking at the logo. We will require, Company Name, Company Slogan, Website or email details to get your logo designed.

Brand Awareness

Building your brand depends on your type of marketing agent. You need to decide do you want to create a professional corporate brand, charity brand or just a simple brand. We can assist you in building your brand from the start. Simplicity is the answer to professionalism.

Business Box

We start with your business plan, necessary company documents, Professional Agreements (done by an attorney), Employment Contracts, HR documents, Business Cards, Flyers, Email Signatures, website, Social media Platforms and so much more. We have you covered from the start.

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